My 1968 AMX was purchased in June, 2005 from the original owners family in Michigan.  It had been owned by two brothers at one time and I purchased it from the widow of one of the brothers.  The car had just 45,000 miles on the odometer and fortunately for me the car had never been driven in winter, thus avoiding the salt which would have led to the dreaded four letter word, RUST.  After purchase I had the engine pulled and gone over by a long time AMC mechanic.  While that was being done I took the opportunity to have the engine bay repainted, the suspension refreshed, new exhaust installed and the brakes rebuilt.  The interior only needed a new carpet set as everything else is in excellent condition. When 
the two brothers in Michigan purchased this car in early 1969 they had the AMC dealer install the Edelbrock R4B intake manifold, Jardine headers and Cragar SS wheels.  These remained the only changes to this car for the entire 36 years they owned the car.  Upon my purchase I chose to leave these changes in place but updated them with new material where needed.  Thus new Cragar SS wheels were installed and, as Jardine headers are no longer made, a new set of Hooker competition headers was installed.  I did choose to add a passenger mirror, which was just done recently as I wanted the added safety of the mirror and have mounted it in the correct location to make it functional. 

     The winter of 2009 (Jan/Feb) saw some more work done to the car.  In November of 2008 I had gone on a 200+ mile cruise with the North Georgia Mopar Club.  Upon return home the car would not start next time I tried.  Apparently the heat from the header had "baked" the starter.  Now to change the starter on a stock AMX engine is a breeze, however with a header it is quite difficult as the header has to come off the car to get the new starter in.  So I chose to replace the headers with the orginal exhaust manifolds that I had received with the car when purchased.  This not only made any starter changes a breeze but brought the car a step closer to 100% stock.

  During the winter we had lots of rain and the garage seemed like it had a lot of moisture.  So one day I put a de-humidifier in the garage and ran it for a couple of days----BIG mistake!!!  Many of the aluminum parts oxidized, especially the finned valve covers on the AMX.  They looked horrible, and I tried all sorts of ways to clean them but nothing worked so I had the original valve covers that I had gotten with the car re-chromed and installed them.   Now the only things on the engine that are not stock are the Edelbrock carburetor and the air cleaner (with the Edelbrok R4B manifold that the AMC dealer installed when the car was purchased the stock air cleaner could not be used as it the manifold was one inch taller, thus an after market aircleaner is needed). 

                                                                  Picture from the first day car was purchased
                                                                  from the orginal owners widow in 2005.                                                             Engine bay needs some updating                               

                                                                                  Engine bay now restored with the orginal re-chromed vavle covers



I have driven this car about 7,000 miles in the 6+ years I have owned it and take it to cruise ins and car shows whenever possible.  It has been awarded a gold concours junior award at the 2006 AMO nationals and has been advanced to the senior division of that organization.  In 2007 it was also presented with the Presidents cup at the Mopar Southern Nationals held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  In 2009 it was honored with a Palmetto award at the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance and in 2010 a award of distinction from the Ault Park Concours d'Elegnace in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It has appeared on Powerblock's TV show, Muscle Cars in 2010 and is also on Jay Leno's web site where he did a review of the car at the Boca Raton Concours d'Elegnace show in 2011.

                                                             New Cragar SS wheels added to replace worn original
                                                            Cragars that were put on car at the dealer in 1969 ........        
                                                                                                       .....and it now also has a correct set of chrome Magnum 500 wheels and E-70 X 14 redline bias ply tires for show duty                    



My AMX is equipped with the 390 ci engine, 3 speed Borg-Warner automatic transmission and the Go Package. This package included power front disc brakes, E70x14 redline tires, twin Grip rear axle in specific ratios, and twin racing stripes that went over the hood, roof, and trunk in white or black. The airless Spare was included – a spare tire that took up minimal space, and inflated when you needed it. The AMX “Go Package” vehicles are the most sought after collectibles.  It is also equipped with the group 19 option Edelbrock R4B manifold with the correct AMC part number, an item that was installed by the dealer prior to the original owners taking delivery.  

                                         These Sun gauges had been in since 1969                        But it now has correct AMC Rally Pac gauges

                                            AMX is unique with only 2 seats                                    Passenger side mirror recently added

On August 24th, 2009 I brought my AMX up to Nashville to RTM productions.  They produce the Powerblock TV show and had contacted me as they wanted to use my AMX for one of their "flashback" episodes.  Filming took from 9:00 am until 6pm to produce 3 minutes of film for airtime!!  The episode aired the weekend of April 17th/18th, 2010.

Go to the show page for more photos from this TV shoot

On November 1, 2009  my AMX was honored to be included in the Hilton Head Concours de'Elegance in Hilton Head, South Carolina where it was received a Palmetto award in the American Performance class.  Here are two pictures but more can be seen on the show page.


 My AMX was almost crushed by a bear!!                        Arriving home from picking up the car in Michigan

                                                          Showfield at the 2006 American Motors Owners Association Nationals in Dayton, Ohio

                                                                    Engine bay work in progress of being fully restored to new condtion
                                                                                                Refreshed engine lowered into place

                              At a special show at the Year One facility in 2007 my AMX was reviewed by Chip Foose of TVs OVERHAULIN' 






































































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