In these pages you will find my three, err, two ---no, now as of 8/2012 only one "classic car"

              my 1968 AMX          

****SOLD HER IN NOV. 2011****                 1972 Javelin AMX      

            ..............and now sold on 8/8/2012, our 1960 Met---bye bye little girl

Two of the good things about being an AMC person: The people you meet who have the same desire to love an orphan and the satisfaction of not seeing yourself at a show. You are usually the only one with an AMC......

Jay Leno does know a great car when he sees it!!
                           These are a couple of stills I captured from the video, to see more go to the show page

*******My AMX is now appearing on a film segment on Jay Leno's garage, click below it is about half way in at 7:20 *****

                                  In 2004 I attended a car show with my 1943
                                                             Ford GPW,  a military jeep used in WWII.
                               But as I looked at all the cars at the show I realized there were no
                                 American Motors cars present.  Being my first ever new car was
                                  an AMC product I decided to seek out one for my very own. 

                                                 My first purchase in 2005 was this 1968 Calcutta Russet metallic AMX
                                             Two years later I acquired this
                                                                                        Trans Am Red 1972 Javelin AMX  

                                                           And in late 2010, a 1960 Nash Metropolitan



Unfortunately I did not think to take many pictures during the restoration process of either car, although the AMX only required engine bay work and some other minor changes to make it the car it is today.


The Javelin AMX needed some interior work and paint to return it show condition.



 Restoring an American Motors vehicle can be quite challenging as very few reproduction parts are manufactured for these cars making restoration, at times, quite difficult.  For more popular cars, such as a Camaro, Mustang, etc., many companies produce enough parts where you could actually build a new car from the ground up!  Unfortunately AMC enthusiasts must make due with mostly used parts, reconditioning them as best as possible, making this a frustrating but rewarding pursuit. 

hile some like to add more modern items to their cars I prefer to keep mine as original looking as possible.  The reason is that when I go to a car show the responses I get are either "haven't seen one of these in years" or "what is it?".  To that end I like to keep them original looking as possible so people will know what it looked like back in the '60s and '70s.  Some changes, like the wheels on the AMX, were done when the car was new so I have kept these changes, again showing what we did back then and what we had to work with.  

                                                            Click on the Rambler button  to view a video
                                                                                                                        I made for my car club. Turn up the volume!


                               A few AMX special cars I have made for friends:
                     "Kenosha Sleigh" presented to Jeff Puras from Peach State AMO as he was born in Kenosha, WI, home of AMC        
                             "Big Bad" for David Campbell who owns a fleet of Big Bad AMXs   
                           This diorama was made for Chip Foose of tv's OVERHAULIN' show                                   
                                                                                             and presented to him at a special show at the Year One facility


                                                        Please click on links below for more information.
                                                                                       Peach State AMO
                                                                                    American Motors Owners Association
                                                                                   Planet Houston AMX
                                                                                 The AMC Forum

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